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Impact & Insights

Impact & Insights

BAM Announces Leadership Team Expansion with 10 New Partners

Congratulations to this outstanding group of leaders who join Dmitry Balyasny, Taylor O'Malley, Scott Schroeder and Paul Brinberg in partnership and stewardship of the BAM organization today and for years to come.

By BAM Team


Balyasny Asset Management is pleased to welcome 10 new partners to our leadership team. The 2021 class is an exceptional group of professionals from across the firm, reflecting BAM’s culture of partnership, performance and collaboration. 


Alex Lurye, Chief Risk Officer – Alex joined BAM Chicago in 2018 as our Chief Risk Officer and an Investment Committee member. Alex institutionalized our risk function, greatly enhancing and expanding our framework across asset classes. As Chief Risk Officer, Alex is focused on managing our exposure while ensuring we have enough risk to produce strong performance. He also plays a key role in shaping our overall business strategy and is very involved in senior recruiting, spending time with our clients and business planning across our strategies. 

Anita Nassar, Senior Managing Director, Client Relationship Group – Anita joined BAM as a consultant in 2016 and has grown into the leader of our Client Relationship Group and an integral member of the Management Committee. Anita’s hard work and execution in enhancing our client reporting, communication and transparency have contributed to the growth of our high-quality institutional investor base. Anita is a passionate leader, respected by her team and our investors. Her investor-first mindset and client service emphasis are vital in continuing to scale the firm. 

Bill Wappler, Director of Research – Bill joined BAM in 2015 and quickly made a positive impact helping to identify promising trades and organize research from around the firm. In 2016, Bill was tasked with formalizing and expanding our Anthem Program globally. Under Bill’s leadership, the Anthem Program has promoted, recruited and developed some of the firm’s top-performing portfolio managers, generating almost a billion dollars in trading revenues since inception.  In 2018, Bill was promoted to the Investment Committee and officially became our director of research while continuing to run the Anthem Program. 

Gustav Rydbeck, Chief Operating Officer, Equities – Gustav joined BAM in 2014, focusing on equity risk and portfolio manager development. Quickly becoming the firm’s go-to resource on equities, Gustav was promoted to COO of the equities business and joined BAM’s Investment Committee. He is universally respected by our investing teams for his clear, logical and data-focused approach to equities. As a member of the Investment Committee, Gustav consistently offers strong thinking, solid strategic insights and flawless execution. He has also taken on a leadership role working with our various quantitative teams to further grow and improve the equities business. 

Jared Hade, Chief Financial Officer – Jared joined BAM Chicago in 2006. He was initially tasked with analyzing external fund allocations and went on to launch BAM’s strategy group, evaluating a variety of investment initiatives. He then built out our internal portfolio finance team, creating hundreds of millions in cost efficiencies for our investors. In 2018, Jared was promoted to firm CFO and joined the Management Committee. He has helped lead many business areas across the firm, judiciously working with all departments to balance growth and further investments while improving our efficiency. 

Jeff Runnfeldt, Global Head of Equities – Jeff joined BAM in 2018 as head of the equity business and a member of the Investment Committee. Stressing the value of building top performing teams and running balanced portfolios, Jeff has been instrumental in the growth of our business. He plays a key role in recruiting, articulating our strategy to clients and helping our teams to scale. Jeff is also a valued member of the Investment Committee, challenging ideas and pushing our teams to innovate. Today, our equities business has grown to 56 teams across the globe and generates consistent, uncorrelated returns for our clients. 

Jen Blake, Managing Director and Global Head of Business Development – Jen joined BAM New York in 2008 and has built and managed a world-class business development team. She has been integral in every portfolio manager and senior management hire over the last decade. In addition to being a great recruiter, Jen is a superb manager, developing an exceptional team of 20 professionals around the globe. Jen is also a valued member of the firm’s management committee, and her work ethic is second to none.

Jing Ge, Co-Head of New York Office and Portfolio Manager – Jing joined BAM New York in 2013 to manage a healthcare portfolio. He developed a high-quality and often highly variant style of research, which has consistently generated strong returns. Jing built an outstanding team and was promoted to co-head of the New York office at the start of last year. He is one of the most collaborative portfolio managers in the firm and takes as much satisfaction in helping the performance of his colleagues as he does in his own book. In 2020, Jing was instrumental in helping everyone navigate the volatility around all the market-moving healthcare developments. 

Matt Jacobs, Co-Head of New York Office and Portfolio Manager – Matt joined BAM New York in 2007 to manage a technology, media and telecommunications portfolio. Matt is an outstanding portfolio manager who has generated strong performance every year, in a variety of markets. In addition to his consistent results, he has been integral in creating an open, collaborative culture across all of our tech teams. As a co-head of the New York office, Matt helps to recruit and mentor younger investment professionals and always maintains an open-door policy.

Sebastiaan DeBoe, Head of European Office and Portfolio Manager – Sebastiaan joined BAM London in 2017 to run a European healthcare portfolio.  Sebastiaan generated outstanding performance while in the Anthem Program, rising quickly to full portfolio manager status and building a strong team. He was promoted to equity head of Europe at the start of last year and has been instrumental in the growth of our London office. Sebastiaan is very active in all aspects of our European equity business, including recruiting, marketing and working directly with our equity teams. He has helped us build a leading European equity platform with 11 strong teams. 


Congratulations to this outstanding group of leaders who join Dmitry Balyasny, Taylor O'Malley, Scott Schroeder and Paul Brinberg in partnership and stewardship of the BAM organization today and for years to come.