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An Individual Career Path for Everyone

We’ve created a place where people can learn new skills, explore new interests, and continually grow in their careers.

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Grow with us.

At BAM, we believe in lifelong learning. Our collaborative environment promotes the sharing of information, and lessons learned so that we can all work smarter and faster. From hosting regular teach-ins and training sessions to organizing mentorship and development programs, we offer many tools to help you grow.

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Portfolio Manager Development

Our PM Development team is dedicated to helping each portfolio manager improve the profitability and scalability of their investment process. BAM’s history and breadth of talent gives us an unique understanding of the hallmarks of successful PMs, as well as an appreciation of how distinctive each process is. These insights inform the tailored feedback and analytics each PM receives, and drive the technology and quantitative research we deliver.

"PM Development examines data through a different lens. The team helps us identify opportunities to play offense at moments when we might not have in the past."

– Matt J., Portfolio Manager
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Analyst Development

Our Analyst Development Program helps our analysts excel in their roles by sharing best practices, helping them manage their career path, and fostering communication within teams and across the firm. We organize numerous training opportunities like teach-ins, roundtables and one-on-one coaching sessions that focus on research strategy, investment process, idea generation, career progression and more.

"BAM has created a workplace that provides the resources and infrastructure of a global investment firm, while maintaining the culture and collaboration of a family office."

– J.B., Senior Equity Analyst

"BAM's emphasis on fostering a tight-knit, caring, and collaborative culture is what makes this firm an unparalleled place to grow."

– D.L., Equity Analyst
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Internships at BAM

At BAM, we have a number of Investment & Trading teams — each focusing on a specific sector or strategies. Teams get the ownership, support, tools, and independence they need to achieve their goals. BAM’s open culture allows investment teams to share ideas and enjoy helpful, cross-team collaboration — whether it’s investment strategy or team development.

On our mission to build a world-class infrastructure, Technology & Engineering have become the fastest-growing teams at BAM. From front office development to infrastructure, our tech teams are given the chance to be a part of something from the beginning and make an impact. We’re language-agnostic because we’re dedicated to finding the right solution to every challenge.

Armed with machine learning models and custom-built data collection tools, our Quant, Risk & Big Data teams make sense of structured and unstructured data. Our data scientists analyze emerging data sets to uncover new signals. As a team, they provide insight and a robust statistical backbone that guides new ideas, investment strategies, and differentiated alpha decisions.

At BAM, our Business & Operations teams work hand-in-hand with Investment teams and are integral to the success of the firm. BAM is continuously adapting and implementing ways to help teams work smarter, better and faster.

"As an intern, everyone was happy to let me sit and shadow them for a few hours and explain what they did for the firm."

– Brett B., Trader
Photo of Brett B.
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Continuous support and feedback.

To support the growth and development of our people, we look to data. Whether we're reviewing investment decisions or analyzing adoption of an internal tool, we seek ways to constantly improve how we work. In addition to our formal development programs, we offer opportunities for mentorship, peer feedback, and recognition of outstanding contributors to our culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are smart, proactive, passionate about markets, and interested in working with cutting-edge technology, we want to hear from you!
We look for diverse backgrounds and perspectives to join our team. We’ve hired people from all industries including technology, e-commerce, energy, consumer-packaged goods, business, journalism, and more.
At BAM, we have a multi-layer interview process. It usually starts with a phone screen with a member of our Business Development team, followed by a number of in-person meetings and phone interviews. For some roles, we conduct a coding or technical evaluation, as well.
The interview and hiring process varies from role to role and the needs of the business.