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A collaborative environment results in innovative ideas.

We believe in fostering an environment and culture that allow our investment teams to perform at their best. This includes creating opportunities for collaboration, debate and diversity of thought. We aim to hire people from all backgrounds and industries so that we can leverage their collective knowledge to drive our business and serve our clients.

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Dedicated to our clients.

We build industry-leading technology platforms, conduct deep fundamental research, and apply quantitative research techniques to guide our decisions. We do all of this to help our clients meet their investment objectives.

Diagram showing relationship of culture and performance at BAMDiagram showing relationship of culture and performance at BAM

"We are building an innovative firm that combines individual achievement with a collaborative environment to drive performance."

– Dmitry Balyasny, Managing Partner & Chief Investment Officer
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If you have a question or would like to get in touch with our Client Relationship Group, Recruiting, or Media Relations team, send us a message.

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BAM hosted Dr. Condoleezza Rice for a fireside chat with Deborah Rosado Shaw. It was inspiring to hear both women talk about their journeys, mentorship and women’s leadership.

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