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Where non-consensus ideas are rewarded.

BAM’s culture, technology, and platforms empower our investment teams to perform at their very best. By hiring a diverse group of ambitious, innovative, and deeply knowledgeable individuals from all backgrounds, we are able to generate more creative and profitable investment opportunities for our clients.


Our Principles make us different.

We are committed to delivering consistent results for our investors. Six core Principles guide our decision-making every day.

Perseverance & Adaptability

We navigate volatility, adapt to changing markets and aim to generate returns in all environments.

Innovative Risk-Taking

We embrace new ideas, allocate capital to new approaches responsibly and scale what works.

Constant Learning & Development

Complacency kills. We are constantly on the hunt to grow and improve.


We have a real sense of urgency. We prioritize the most compelling opportunities and go after them.


Arrogance and entitlement are the tombstone of extinct investment firms. We approach markets with a deep sense of humility and seek to always maintain a learning mindset.


We think and act like long term business owners, making decisions to maximize benefits for all.

Partnering to provide value.

Partnership is fundamental to the relationships between BAM team members, partners and clients. We emphasize transparency and collaboration because we believe open and honest dialogue generates the strongest investment ideas. Our culture attracts top investment talent and the world’s most sophisticated LPs.


"We are building an innovative firm that combines individual achievement with a collaborative environment to drive performance."

– Dmitry Balyasny, Managing Partner & Chief Investment Officer
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