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Impact & Insights

ATLAS Fellows | Program Update

ATLAS Fellows welcomed 25 new members earlier this year – forming the second cohort of their program.

ATLAS Fellows welcomed 25 new members earlier this year – forming the second cohort of their program. The 2022 Fellows – spread across Chicago and New York – spent their summer at BAM, completing internships across a variety of different business departments. “I interned as a Software Engineer on the Compliance Technology Team and learned about problem-solving and researching to find solutions – which is the crux of software engineering”, said Darren Blaylock, 2022 Fellow. “This was a rewarding experience because I got exposure to fintech, automation, navigation, and accessing large databases of information, which is a valuable skill to have as an aspiring software engineer. After completing my internship at BAM through ATLAS, I feel more confident pursuing a career in finance. Light was shed on a possible career path that I would have never before considered.” 

ATLAS Fellows, Inc., which was founded in 2021 with support from BAM, aims to transform the finance sector by opening doors for brilliant and under-resourced young people and providing access to life-changing careers. This four-year college and career development program recruits high school seniors interested in finance and allows them to gain industry experience by placing them in four full-time paid internships at top financial firms. ATLAS Fellows are guaranteed a first-year internship at BAM and offered up to $20,000 a year in financial assistance for college for up to four years. The 2021 and 2022 cohorts are currently students at institutions such as Cornell, University of Notre Dame, Northwestern, and University of Chicago. 

The inaugural class of ATLAS Fellows completed their second round of internships this summer with our corporate partners – a total of eight financial firms – including Bridge Investment Group and Baird. “Interning at Bridge Investment Group this summer was an outstanding experience”, said Kaylee Yin, 2021 Fellow. When I first met everyone on my team, they were shocked to hear that I was only entering my sophomore year of college. At the end of my internship, I was told that I was one of the best interns they’ve ever had. If it weren't for ATLAS, I would not have gotten this internship – not because I’m incapable – but because opportunities are so limited for younger college students, especially those who don’t have access to the proper resources or guidance needed to set them apart from the rest.” 

Applications for the 2023 cohort will open on December 5. “We accepted 17 young people into our inaugural program and were able to increase that number to 25 the following year”, said Phoebe Anderson, Executive Director of ATLAS. “As the program continues to grow, we look forward to expanding the number of Fellows admitted in 2023 and beyond.” 

BAM is proud to continue partnering with ATLAS to help transform the finance sector – one young person at a time. To learn more about the ATLAS program, visit their website at

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