At BAM we strive to develop talent, challenge employees, manage careers and enhance personal growth in the following methods:

  • Career Management:
    Team members and Managers work together to establish career enhancement opportunities and room for growth on a consistent basis. BAM does not want employees to feel like they simply have a job. Rather, they wish to have highly successful, motivated employees who wish to excel in their careers. Employees are given ample opportunity to utilize training, development, meetings, programs, etc. to continue to manage their own respective careers.
  • Senior Management, Trainers, Performance Managers, Risk & Human Resources:
    BAM has trainers and performance managers on staff that work with employees to continue to develop the employee, using strengths and working on improvement of weaknesses. Each employee reviews their current role and methods to move to the next level or expand their position. The Performance Managers review the information and work with the employees to make them better, stronger, able to achieve more. Additionally managers, the risk department and Human Resources supplement these training sessions by reviewing data and providing analytics regarding areas where employees may be more successful and continue to grow.
  • Internships, TREKS, Shadowing, Training & Junior Development:
    BAM provides a number of internships opportunities for students. There are a number of scholarships that BAM supports and part of the scholarship includes interning for a summer or job-shadowing. Additionally treks of 10-20 students come in a few days a year to train for the day with the varying departments. 1-2 students job shadow in various departments weekly and BAM provides a number of training programs for young financial professionals interested in learning more and working for an amazing company like BAM.
  • Events & Opportunities:
    All employees are asked to attend groups and events that will further their personal and professional growth. BAM frequently offers these opportunities to the different offices and allows employees to attend whenever they are interested. Self motivation is required and it is the employees responsibility to let someone know they are interested in attending, which is a simple way for any employee in the firm to be more involved and continue to grow. So long as employees choose to take advantage of the opportunities, they have the ability to attend anything that would be appropriate to enhance their career or personal growth.