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About BAM

A Better Model for Generating Performance

We believe collaboration, mutual accountability and constant innovation drive unrivaled performance.

A global footprint from humble roots.

BAM was founded by Dmitry Balyasny, Scott Schroeder and Taylor O'Malley in 2001. What began as a single, small office in Chicago trading mostly long/short equity has grown into a global, multi-strategy institution with hundreds of investment professionals managing capital in every leading financial center.

Along the way, we’ve built a culture that is distinctly different from other asset management firms. We encourage a collaborative environment that empowers a diverse range of professionals to reach their highest potential. From our benefits to our career development programs, we believe in people first.

Today, our investment platform spans three core strategies: Long/Short Equities, Macro, and Event & Credit. We leverage the collective knowledge and experience of our team members across industries, asset classes, regions and markets to uncover profitable investment opportunities that deliver value to our clients. Learn more about our distinguished investment platform.


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Constant innovation powers our success.

Our legacy is built on striving for constant improvement and innovation. We continuously seek to enhance our research process, implement better tools and technology and test new investment ideas that will generate returns for our investors. We recognize that performance must constantly be earned, and we never take success for granted.

Our Principles

Perseverance & Adaptability

We navigate volatility, adapt to changing markets and generate returns in all environments.

Innovative Risk-Taking

We embrace new ideas, allocate capital to new approaches responsibly and scale what works.

Constant Learning & Development

Complacency kills. We are constantly on the hunt to grow and improve.


We have a real sense of urgency. We prioritize the most compelling opportunities and go after them.


Arrogance and entitlement are the tombstone of extinct investment firms. We approach markets with a deep sense of humility and seek to always maintain a learning mindset.


We think and act like long term business owners, making decisions to maximize benefits for all.

Rooted in data, driven by technology.

Data and technology are deeply embedded in our investment process, helping our global investment teams identify trends, uncover new insights, navigate volatility and capture market opportunities that others miss. Our teams of software engineers and data scientists work beyond technology’s leading edge, leveraging the latest solutions in machine learning, big data, cloud computing and more. Our technology teams build robust tools and systems that provide our investment professionals with critical information to drive our business forward.

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Our leadership

Our leadership team has the industry knowledge and experience needed to navigate market volatility and generate consistent alpha for our clients.

Founders & Partners

Investment Committee

Management Committee

Impact & Insights

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